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About Us

Showing horses has always been a part of my life- ever since I was a kid! Managing tails was something that - especially when showing Arabian’s Quarter Horses, Paints and Miniature Horses - was taught early on. There are a lot of different methods used to protect tails, but tails bags and wraps were always the easiest and most convenient. That was, however, until you wanted to get creative with colors and patterns.

I always found it satisfying to match my tack from my reins down to my splint boots. A matching tail bag was something that completed the look while offering functionality by protecting my horses tail. When I went to find tail bags for each individual horse, to match their color, it was limited. My aunt recommended I start making my own. That sparked an idea, which is now my own business! I am a self-taught seamstress who loves doing this as a hobby. New patterns and styles excite me as much as the person they are for! This little dining room adventure has now expanded into something I never could imagine! I have shipped all over the US and Canada and hope to expand my international shipping as we grow. I pride myself in the turnaround time - we usually ship tail bags next day!

What started as something small in 2016 has grown to over 5K following on Facebook and over 20K on Instagram. We even have nine sponsored riders from all over the US!

Supporting Rock’N Tail Bags is more than just purchasing a tail bag, mane bags or a  wrap. You are helping fund additional resources to my precious therapy horse, Rocky the Mini, and his adventures around the state. I am happy to answer any and all questions in regards to my growing business! Thank you for supporting me!